Art Gallery

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Year: 2015

Collaborator: Brazil Art Gallery

MXM in collaboration with Brazil Art Gallery sees the potential to express, through architecture, the potency of forms within nature.

The terrain was strategically selected, seeking to create an emblematic exhibitions pavilion at the heart of the high end residential condominium, in the intersection point between the Golf Course , the Hotel, and the extensive green located in the center of the enterprise. The terrain is characterized by downward slopes that take advantage of the breathtaking landscape, a hidden treasure of the area.

The whole of the design is based in the fluid movement of the adjacent street, which swerves into the heart of condominium. Mirroring this gesture, a series of strips create a diagramatic grid, suggesting immersion and inward movement, into the forest. The proposed gallery emerges from the central strips, at once level with the terrain and increasing in volume and height through the topological differences within the terrain.

The lines created by the landscape design, permeate the wooded areas, creating at the highest point (east side), a continuous and communal open space for performances, outdoor sculptures and installations. Here, guests are able to have a freer interaction as the communal space invites for prolonged visits, picnics, and alone time.

Subtle, not seeking to outdo its surrounding landscape, the gallery emerges from its sustaining ground, creating an exhibition area of over 450 sqm. Here, works of art find shelter, separated from nature through a thin sheet of glass.

On its façade (west side), the pavilion affiliates with the forest, as reflective glass is employed through the entire span, an allegory of the lush green adorning the industrially made structure.

The sculpture garden, encompassed in the landscape design, adds the final touch. With monumental yet sensitive works, the open air design creates perambulations and paths through the greenery, enjoyed as beautiful views by the guests of the neighboring hotel as well as those enjoying the ample golf courses and adding to the modus operandi of condominium.