Exposições /// Exhibitions

Pavilhão Brasileiro para o UIA2017SEOUL /// Brazilian pavilion for the UIA2017SEOUL

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1º Colocado em concurso organizado pelo IAB-RJ para o estande brasileiro do Brasil no UIA2017SEOUL. “Todos os mundos. Um só mundo. Arquitetura 21” A proposta para o pavilhão do Rio de Janeiro no 26º Congresso Mundial de Arquitetos em Seoul combina elementos que transmitem aos visitantes valores cariocas e do Brasil. A cidade do Rio é


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Beyond Dreams, the 2016 Chevy Auto Show, aspires to embrace the culture, character, and mission of Chevrolet’s Global Message: “Turning possibilities into reality” and “Action breeds dreams.” Committed to the vision of the company’s message, the Chevrolet exhibition will become an international leader that inspires its customers to “Find New Roads” and venture into the

Art Gallery

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Year: 2015 Collaborator: Brazil Art Gallery MXM in collaboration with Brazil Art Gallery sees the potential to express, through architecture, the potency of forms within nature. The terrain was strategically selected, seeking to create an emblematic exhibitions pavilion at the heart of the high end residential condominium, in the intersection point between the Golf Course