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Beyond Dreams, the 2016 Chevy Auto Show, aspires to embrace the culture, character, and mission of Chevrolet’s Global Message: “Turning possibilities into reality” and “Action breeds dreams.” Committed to the vision of the company’s message, the Chevrolet exhibition will become an international leader that inspires its customers to “Find New Roads” and venture into the unknown where possibilities are endless. As a reflection of the stated message, the auto show is conceived as a vehicle that expresses the future innovation of Chevrolet and enhances the experience between the car and user. The interior is seen as an infinite and dreamlike field—an environment that creates an effect of suspending spectators in space. In doing so, a dome like structure envelopes the entire space— the current and future cars on display, digital screens, and logos—reaching a total height of 8m. Reminiscent of stars and an evening sky, the dome, lights, speakers, walls, among other devices disappear, expressing only the remaining displays, cars, and logos of Chevrolet to the user. Further enhancement of the message of venturing into the unknown is fulfilled by the optimization of the dome structure where the surfaces of the dome reduces light levels and enhances the quality of sound within the space. Thus, our design proposal titled Beyond Dreams, inspires customers to venture into the impossible and turn them into reality.