Bela Vista: Luxury Hotel Complex & Event Space

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Located in São Paulo, within the Serra da Mantiqueira region, Bela Vista is a master plan project to implement a luxury hotel complex and event space, complete with three villa, outdoor venue, restaurant and pub. Boasting of 126.84 acres of development, the project includes landscape and construction design that seeks to elevate the existing natural topology and bring attention to the breathtaking views of the hillside terrain.

At the heart of the master plan rests the outdoor event space, a sinuous wooden deck which expands onto the limits of the hilltop and seems to vanish into thin air.  Connecting the extensive green and organising it into fluid passageways, the event space also leads towards  the refurbished late 19th c. mansion, which serves as reception hall and guest house. The terrain of Bela Vista, characterised by downward slopes, is mirrored throughout the villa design. Seeming to emerge from the very earth, these villa are subtle volumes which seek to blend with its landscape, affiliating in material and design with the surrounding nature.


Alexandre Kuroda

MXM Collective

Fernando Albuquerque