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2015 AA Visiting School SÃO PAULO SKYLINE – UNStudio – WORKS

Led by tutors from UNStudio (www.unstudio.com), the AA Visiting School São Paulo  addressed the changes being prescribed by the new masterplan through the redefinition of the tower typology in the extending of the ground of street culture, green landscapes and ecological mediation along the vertical axis of these buildings. For this, the workshop will teach advanced digital design, including Rhino and Grasshopper, and fabrication techniques, using the laser cutter and 3d printer,  to explore a series of novel differentiating structural and environmental organizations in the redefinition of the São Paulo skyscraper.

This intense 10 days workshop focused on possible new towers typologies for São Paulo 2025. The research-driven work started from analysis of current situation on social and urban issues of São Paulo 21 million inhabitants megacity.

These analysis offered architectural opportunities to speculate on new kinds of towers, ranging from bycicle circulation schemes within a residentail building to vertical branching network neighborhood.

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Directors: Franklin Lee and Anne Save de Beaurecueil
UNStudio: Christian Veddeler, Adi Utama, Aurélie Hsiao,

Tutors:  Alexandre Kuroda, Victor Sardenberg, Renata Portelada and Thomas Takeuchi.